Southern Pumps (Pumps Branch)
  • Address:浙江省杭州市余杭区仁和镇
  • Zipcode:3111107
  • Phone:0571-86390160
  • Fax:0571-86390300
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  • Area:Ningbo,Wenzhou,Jinhua
  • Phone:15257586649
  • Name:Mao Manager
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1, to provide free product technical advice and the scene of the doubt solution 2, the warranty period in accordance with state regulations on the product to provide a one-year free warranty service; warranty period, will continue to provide life-long service and to ensure that accessories long-term, timely supply; 3, commitment: After receiving customer service needs, we will contact within 1 hour communication, arrived within 4 hours after the completion of routine maintenance, special site within one working day after the first service to communicate with customers to implement further service solutions The