core values: Integrity win-win beyond yourself
mission: heart for the water dynamic Ze Run all sides
Vision: Green hydrodynamic experts
Business purposes: There is an infinite game Spirit: Thanksgiving is responsible for making progress
View of the market: Let customers more economical to make competing more powerful
Brand View: Green Leadership to win trust Quality: Quality witnessed growth Collaborative view: Up and down concentric about peers
Talent view: Regardless of the first to the only contribution size
In the south of the pump, the team spirit is an indispensable part of everyone
Teamwork is the essence of the power of the South pumping industry, each employee can play on their own platform to maximize their advantages, mutual guidance, learning, encouragement, support, so that the collective energy and potential to maximize the play. The company strives to create a harmonious teamwork atmosphere, a reasonable division of labor, standardize the reporting system at the same time have wide open remarks, to promote the smooth and efficient communication between the team, and strive to achieve the wisdom of members, resource sharing, thinking and behavior of mature and Professionalism, so that the collective wisdom and strength, the greatest potential to play.
2、Happy home
Know employees, care for the staff, in this family together to create a family
Staff to give full play to the objective and timely recognition of the value of the platform for employees to provide the most basic protection, health and good mentality need to cultivate in a warm environment, the staff happy working mood to make them play well The spirit of ownership, but also the basis for the development of enterprise power, we cultivate the staff happy mood, healthy psychology, positive entrepreneurial to create all the favorable conditions.
3、Social responsibility

A social responsibility of the enterprise more know how to cherish the social resources and social returns to return to the customer, social responsibility is a force of our own spontaneous

April 2010: to support the Southwest "drought relief assistance assistance action."
March 2010: "green hope, tree century brand" 3.12 tree planting activities
At the end of 2009: 1 million donations for the construction of Renhe Middle School in Yuhang District, Hangzhou May 2009: funded 5.12 earthquake disaster area "Yue Yuan Village primary mountain water diversion project" to help disaster reconstruction.