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Members of the South family
Hangzhou South Saipo Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "South Saipo) is to undertake in the southern pump metering pump branch of the Limited by Share Ltd of all business entities registered in 2015 independent subsidiary. Pump metering pump company in South China's main metering pump product research and development in 2007, began in 2010 large-scale production and marketing. In the southern pump unified brand, market influence, the metering pump company achieved doubling performance every year. For four consecutive years, from scratch, the completion of a breakthrough fifty million output value. In 2015, South Saipo entered a new era of new opportunities, a new plant, new platform, in support of the parent company of the southern pump, unity and innovation, steady development. Toward three years, one hundred million, six, two hundred million of the established goals, smooth sailing! China's metering pump industry to guide the role of breakthroughs in growth!