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Members of the South family
The South China Gold environment Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "gold environment") was founded in 1991, the company's capital operations headquarters in Zhejiang City, Hangzhou province Yuhang District, the management is headquartered in Beijing, the capital. In December 2010, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued and listed, the stock code: 300145, under the banner of Beijing Hua sail group, Jiangsu Jinshan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the southern pump, Limited by Share Ltd and many other subordinate companies. In the environment is a commitment to the city environmental governance in the field of large-scale comprehensive environmental protection enterprises, based on the traditional manufacturing business, formed from the front end to end integration of environmental consulting environmental protection industry environmental engineering and equipment manufacturing; have a set of project consulting, project investment, Cheng Jianshe, operations management, technology development and environmental protection equipment manufacture business system. The company's main business is environmental protection investment, environmental protection consulting and design, environmental management and environmental protection equipment manufacturing.